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      Our Latest Thermal Camera gives you the individuals temperature instantly, as they walk through the field of view. It displays the information above the subject in green, when within the set range. When you have a fever, the display turns red and if you wish and multiple types of alarms can be set.
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    • Flexible temperature screening options for challenging times

      Hikvision Temperature Screening Solution

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    Control Access is Leading Access Controls Systems company based in Waterloo. We specialize in Planning and Design, Installation, Repair and Maintenance of full range Access Control Systems for Business and Commercial properties, Residential buildings and Industrial facilities throughout all Southern Ontario and Greater Toronto Area.

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    Temperature Screening Solutions

    Automated, highly accurate body temperature detection

    As a means of helping to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), many institutions are implementing thermal imaging cameras as pre-screening devices. 

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    Automated Temperature Screening

    Contact free screening with +/- 0.5C accuracy


    On-Screen, Email and Audible Alerts

    Access Control Integration

    Secure your door access after approved Temperature measurement

    Control Access has deployed new Body Temperature Detection Cameras. With advanced detectors and algorithms, Hikvision’s Temperature Screening Thermographic Cameras are designed to detect elevated skin-surface temperatures, and can thus be used for rapid and preliminary temperature screening in office buildings, factories, stations, airports and other public places, with accuracy up to ±0.3°C.

    Temperature Screening Tablet
    Temperature Screening Cameras
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