Control Access assisting Cambridge Memorial Hospital with Temperature Screening

    12 April 2020 10:35 AM By CA guru

    New Thermal camera takes staff member's temperature in a flash as they come to work

    Cambridge Memorial Hospital has set-up one entrance for their staff. Everyone goes through the Temperature Taking Camera on their way in. CMH has also used a Welo Meter (A Device for checking temperature one at a time through the area in and around your eye). They also use a standard thermometer. Both units take 30 seconds per person.


    The camera was installed on March 31st, tests were done each day to compare the temperatures taken with the conventional equipment. We at Control Access worked with their team to move and adjust the Camera, so that by Thursday it was reading the same temperatures as the Welo unit. Both the Camera function and the Welo unit rely on adjustments, based on the amount of time the subject is inside at room temperature, verses the outdoor temperature, where the subject was, only seconds ago.


    The hospital deemed these first rounds of tests as a success and now have purchased the camera. TMMC (Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada) also sent a representative to view the unit and it’s outcome. They now have ordered a camera for each team member entrance, of each plant.


    Control Access will install these units at Toyota this week, giving us even more insight into the set-up. We will also continue our evaluation with the Hospital in the hopes of making it even a better tool.


    Link to news article in Cambridge Times

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