Thermal Camera:- Installation & Configuration Guide

    23 April 2020 12:07 AM By CA guru

    1. Installation - Wall-mounted deployment

    Installation Parameter Recommended

     Model Distance between Human and Camera HeightElevation Angle
     DS-2TD2636B-15/P 2.5 - 9 m (8 - 29 ft)   2.5 m (8 ft) ≤20°
    Camera Default IP Address is

    ​Please note: the thermal element of the camera take an hour to settle and calibrate from a cold start. So please give it an hour to start reading accurate temperature from your target.

    ​The installation height should be 2.5m and the distance between the camera and targets to measure should be 2.5m-9m, with the best performance around 4m-7m.

    2. ivms4200 Client Configuration

    Download Windows Based Client
    Download Camera Firmware File

    Please Download Windows based Client if you haven't done so and unpack the contents and run installer as Admin. Make sure your user has Admin privileges on the machine.

    3. Camera Configuration

          1. Log in to Camera's Web Page using Internet Explorer or via IVMS-4200 Client's setting menu. Select Body Thermography as VCA resource Type. If you are logging in for the first time then the camera will prompt you to download and install a web plugin. 

    2. Go to Local configuration interface, enable and save the following settings.

    3. Go to Body Thermometry & Basic Settings. Configure and save the following settings.
    Emissivity: For human skin, this value is normally set as 0.98.
    Distance: The actual distance between the camera and measured object.

    4. Configure Camera 01 (Optical) Settings.

    Check Enable Face Detection and Display Temperature.
    Suggest uncheck Upload Captured Face Image and Display Face Temperature Position if its not a must.
    Set Alarm Temp. and Pre-alarm Temp.
    Press Draw Area to adjust face detection region.
    Click Max. Pupil Distance and Min. Pupil Distance to draw width filter frame, Max and Min distance refer to camera detection distance.

    5.  Configure Camera 02 (Thermal) Settings.

    Uncheck Enable Blackbody Correction If no blackbody is used.
    Check Enable for Body Temperature Compensation and keep parameters as default

    4. Recommendations

    The environment would easily influence the performance of thermal camera. Therefore, it is required to be used in a stable indoor environment without and wind and the ambient temperature should be consistent. 

    1. Set up a one-way screening zone, ensure that camera can see the face of body temperature measured person clearly.

    2. Avoid backgrounds that are too crowded or bright.

    3. Please wait 60 minutes after initializing the camera for it to be steady before you take measurements.

    4. If there is a large difference between indoor and outdoor temperature, it is suggested to wait around 5 minutes before measuring the body temperature of people who just entered.

    5. Follow the guidance of required temperature measurement distance and height.